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BWMirror API source files

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BWMirror API

BWMirror API allows you to treat native BWAPI C/C++ objects as if they were Java objects. Current supported version is BWAPI4 which is located at

This project contains the API and documentation for BWMirror. If you're interested in coding your own bot for Starcraft Broodwar, you've come to the right place.

Important differences between BWMirror v1 and BWMirror v2


How do I start creating awesome bots?

Rafał Poniatowski has created an exceptional document if you're new to the world of SC:Broowar bots. You can find it here:

Tutorials for BWMirror v1

Can I fight against other bots?

Sure, visit and register you bot

I'm confused, most of the methods have empty body.

Most of the methods are implemeted in BWAPI. BWMirror acts as a Java wrapper, the actual mapping takes place in BWMirror's .dll, which is machine genereted and it's source can be found under BWMirror-Generator project

My bot prints the message "BWMirror API supports only x86 architecture." and fails to load. What's the problem?

Install a 32-bit version of JRE and point your IDE to it. You can find the current 32-bit versions at .

Note: While it's possible to build x64 version of BWMirror API, it fails to cooperate with StarCraft at runtime, as StarCraft is an x86 application. Therefore we only provide the x86 version.

Where can I suggest new functionality?

You can do it either here or in the generator project. Please don't create merge requests here as these sources are machine generated.

Where can I report issues?

You can do it either here or in the generator project. If your bot crashed with JVM exception please include the .log file which was created.